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Our organic medicinal mushroom extract powder starts with a raw product, the mushroom!  We ensure that the raw products are either wild or semi wild sourced, excluding Cordyceps which is cultivated (we will go into more detail on this later).  The mushrooms in their natural pristine environments flourish and are at their optimum for providing optimum benefits.  After carefully selecting the varieties they are now ready for the extraction process.

Mushrooms contain polysaccharides, which is a carbohydrate structure obtained from the fruiting body of the mushroom.  Polysaccharides provide many benefits.  They improve immunity, heart health, liver function and energy levels.  They can also improve mood, brain function and regulate blood sugar levels.  Diabetics who consume these complex carbohydrates help to avoid spikes in blood sugar levels.  Polysaccharides are also great for gut health which is the epi centre of our overall bodies’ health.  They have also traditionally been used to support blood pressure and cholesterol, Pretty Amazing!

In addition, mushrooms also contain Triterpenes.  Triterpenes are a group of chemical compounds (acids) that are obtained from the fruiting body of the mushroom.  Triterpenes also offer many additional health benefits.  They have been seen to improve sleep, liver health, immunity, brain function, blood pressure and circulation.  They are one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories and anti-viral compounds naturally found.  Some varieties contain higher levels of triterpenes like Reishi.  This can produce a slightly bitter taste, but without some bitterness the product won’t contain all this goodness!

Cordyceps, also known as caterpillar fungus lives on a host (a caterpillar). It grows at high altitudes and the mycelium infects the caterpillar, kills it then releases spores from the fruiting body. To find this in the wild is very rare and even more expensive, so more commonly this fungus is cultivated.  Our Cordyceps is cultivated on rice plantations acting as the host.  It is not without its own amazing health properties.  It has been used traditionally to support immunity, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, improve kidney function, strengthen the lungs and aid the respiratory system.  It is also believed to assist endurance during athletic performance.

We obtain all these amazing properties through a dual extraction process of the raw mushrooms. This is completed by a combination of using filtered water and organic rice alcohol.

You may see a ratio attached to our products like 10:1. 12:1 and 15:1.  This is an extract ratio which details the raw product to extract powder. For example, 10:1 means simply that 10kg of mushrooms are extracted into 1kg of powder.  Pretty concentrated and packed full of benefits.

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