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If you've been to one of our Medicinal Mushroom Workshops over the last 4 years, you would have met Jason, the Workshop Extraordinaire who loves to do a lot of research (like a LOT!) of all things healthy, and is always happy to chat about our health and wellbeing. He's a health nut through and through and is very passionate about anything to do with plant medicine, immunity and longevity. He also hand delivers our medicinal mushroom products to majority of our stockists located from Margaret River up to Perth so if you see him around, please be sure to say hi.

Denise is a bit more behind the scenes kinda girl (unless you live in Margs), the creative one who handles all the marketing, sets up all the workshops and deals with the accounts side of things. Equally passionate about healthy and organic living and loves to spend time in the the kitchen finding new ways to incorporate medicinal mushrooms into regular daily meals and treats

Together, we created Supreme Shrooms from our love of plant medicine and our belief that true medicine comes from the earth.


Thank you for your interest in our products, please feel free to get in touch with us any time, we'd love to hear from you!

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